Friday, September 24, 2010


where i’ve been is a puzzle
pieces missing, people missing
& i’ve been lost
too busy to stop & gps
& everyone’s wondering
where my heads at
whisper,whisper - is he crazy?
STOP - i’ve been dealing with a lot - simple talk.
where i’ve been or where i was
it’s all the same thing to me…a fog, a mist
see if i can take a minute to explain
a minute to articulate…
I’ve been working 60 plus a week w/ no pay
i was choking down antidepressants 4 years straight
i was broken down, she left me for him - hate
i’ve been lying to myself, lying to my friends- i’m fake
i was lied to & ripped off by employers - a$$holes
i was making up for something else, ego out of control
i’ve been on the verge of a dream - hollywood
i was given a honest chance and f*cked up my stance
i’ve been drinking.
i was reading, i was dreaming, i had a plan
i’ve been trying to put it together - a man
i was too wishful & i was stupid
i’ve been wondering if they knew this
i’ve been dealing with so much
i was stuck, could not express - it
i was wondering if it could get worse…it did
i’ve been ignoring an issue for years
she’s was hurting, she was waiting
I was receiving text messages at noon - her mom
“i’ve been at the hospital, she’s in a coma - your fault”
I was devastated, I pained, I was….nothing can really explain
i’ve been carrying that one on my chest, how could I have explained.
where i’ve been lately has been a mess
& i’m not alone, the whole world knows this pain- in these times
we go through these moment alone, we go through these moments together
they challenge our truths, our honesty & they challenge our demands
& i’m going forth with the power of my last name, i have my demands
& i demand a new road, i demand a second chance
i demand more from myself & i demand myself to rise - above
…where i’ve been.

(C)2010RyanFisher Do not take without permission!