Saturday, April 9, 2011


pieces, people, things

they do not seem…
to fit

mixed up and scattered
reaching and seeking
the perfect fit

bliss in a mist
anger directed…
at a small space

again & again
all night long
nights and days
years it appears

still hoping, still going
trying to fit
the pieces together

(C)2011RyanFisher Do not take without permission!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Me and my Girlfriend

Just wanted to upload a photo of me and my new gf. Happiest man on earth :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving my friends

We've been together for many smiles.
And so many bumps over the miles.
I want to thank you for being there,
Holding me up, showing you care.
You cheered me up when I've been down,
bending me a smile from a frown.
I'm glad that I have you for my friend,
your ear and heart you always lend.
Through times when I couldn't always figure things out.
You’re always here; and that's what friendship is all about,
To you my friends, a Happy Thanksgiving Day I send

(C)2010RyanFisher! Do not take without permission!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


We must forever have hope Pandora said,
Without it we have nothing.

Forever have hope that the world will heal
Forever hope that peace will come
Forever hope that evil will fall
And Goodness will win.

Forever Hope.

Forever Will.

Forever Live.

(C)2010RyanFisher! Do not take without permission!


Grief be mine, I ask you so,
If not for you, I wouldn't know,
How life once was and then be still,
How so precious, that death do steal.
Because that grief, won't go away,
Learn to let it have its way.
The link to love, a precious one,
Is met with grief and still not done.
The days do come, and nights do go,
Grief will stay as time is so.
And so a loved one passes on,
And grief comes in and carries on.
Does grief get better, I will ask,
It's hard to say, while at its task.
There is grief to help us cope,
There is God to give us hope.
Grief will surely go away,
On that glorious heaven's day.
But while its here, there's just one thing,
Pray our Lord, for peace he'll bring.

(C)2010RyanFisher! Do not take without permission!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful. Even when you feel ugly or depressed or guilty or ashamed, there is an inner spark in you which is light. This light is your beauty. This light is your reflection of God. You are a child of God, thus you are beautiful.

(C)2010RyanFisher! Do not take without permission!


Sometimes, we tend to forget to enjoy the moment. We get caught up in our busy schedules, in the pettiness of our everyday experiences, that we simply forget to appreciate the blessings and the little things that matter. Our lives are like a jumbled mess with a bit of everything thrown in. When was the last time you actually paused and smelled the flowers? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and smiled because you liked what you saw? When was the last time you just sat still and thanked God you are still alive? When was the last time you stepped outside, looked at the sky, and appreciated the beauty of your surroundings?

Instead of being busy all the time, or being worried all the time, let’s take a minute everyday, to be grateful. Even if it’s just a minute, a few seconds maybe, to enjoy something, no matter how small it is. Forget the weighing scales for a while and devote one day just eating all your favorite foods. Take off a day from work and go to that place you’ve been dying to go to for years! Take an hour break and meditate. Or maybe spare a few minutes to walk out in your garden or to the park, and just enjoy being alive!

(C)2010RyanFisher! Do not take without permission!